Whe. They got to Iggie's room, he slammed the door shut behind them and locked it, before pulling Iggie close and captured his lips in a heated kiss, pelvis back to grinding against the twin's.

He shuddered and groaned loudly, happily returning the stimulation. He slowly stepped towards the bed with him.

Matt struggled to breathe as he looked up at Idle with a blurring vision. He noticed some electric-blue figures approaching and shakily lifted a hand in hopes to halt them. "S-stop. Stop." He uttered to them as he bled all over himself and Idle.

A memory suddenly snapped in her. Turbo. The void. She couldn’t be sent there. Ever. It caused her to kick Matt straight off and make a break for it. She couldn’t be caught. She was quick to be brought down though, one touch from a Surge Protector almost frying her and bringing her down hard.

Mattie was so excited, she practically pulled Iggie to her bedroom in a sprint. When they entered her room and closed the door behind them, she spun around and grabbed both of Iggie's cheeks, pulling him down into a kiss.

He almost fell over from how fast she pulled him in but he was quick to reciprocate. He groaned a little as he put his hands on her waist.

When Matt got close enough, he pounced. However, he pounced, just as Idle whipped around towards him. He cried out as he was shot, landing on Idle and knocking her to the floor.

She screeched, frightened by the possibility that one had grabbed her. Now she was down they were moving in.

Matt gently pushed Iggie off of him before getting up and helping the twin off the couch. Taking his hand, he rushed to the Iggie's room with the twin in tow.

He kept up mostly with him, stumbling a little close to the room.

After taking the train into the game, followed by calling a taxi that took them further into the city and to Mattie's apartment building, and then rode the elevator up a few floors, they finally made it to Mattie's home, where she unlocked and opened the door and pulled Iggie inside.

He never really got to see her place that often so it was always fresh and new. He turned his attention to her though as he closed the door behind them.

Matt panted as he struggled to find his words. "S-someone could walk in on us. We gotta, gotta get to your room."

He wasn’t going to mention how much that was a turn on, since he was uncomfortable with it and all. He just nodded.

He quickly retreated back into the entranceway when a line of bullets struck the wall next to him. He panted. That was close! What the hell was Idle doing!? What could posses her to do such a thing? He swallowed as he risked another peek. He watched as Idle pointed the gun in every direction, not really aiming at anything or anyone. This was insane! This had to stop, and fast! He noticed the Surge Protecters surrounding her and made his move, darting for Idle as soon as her back was turned.

Idle was more focused on the surrounding Surge Protectors. She was aiming towards them, trying to protect herself now.

Mattie nods before deciding to take Iggie back to her game, honestly feeling that they'd have more privacy there. She takes her boyfriend's hand, fingers laced, and starts leading him to Guitar Hero.

He smiled and held her hand tightly. He was quite eager.

As Matt was entering the station, he could hear the chaos outside the entryway into GCS. Rushing over to the entrance and peeking out, his eyes widened when he saw sprites running away from a certain twin with a freaking machine gun!? As loud as he could over the shots, he bellowed, "IDLE!!!"

She couldn’t hear him over the gunfire. She kept shooting, not aiming for anyone in particular. He would have to move fast, the Surge Protectors were moving in on her.