Okay so I need somewhere to vent where people will see this so sorry if you don’t want to see it but blagh.

Okay so I have a good friend at college and she’s going through tough times. She gets harassed almost daily, including sexually. Even at college she gets harassed. She lives with an abusive mother and is currently trying to save up to move out and into a safer area. That isn’t what this is about though.

What this is about is the fact that both the branch manager and the state manager at college want to expel her for talking too loudly. That’s right. That exact reason alone could get the entire gaming section, a good 200 students, thrown out. This isn’t just getting too loud or excited when talking, her natural vocal volume is a bit louder than most. So why is it that she’s getting picked on? Well, she makes reports on the harassment, two of which I need to attest to, being an eyewitness, and she knows Vicky, the branch manager, doesn’t particularly care for her and might have made it known around her by accident, someone probably snitched on her considering what other snitches we have lying around that led to other bad times, that she doesn’t really trust her. On top of that, we have a state manager who sees us as dollar signs and numbers and has a really big stick up her ass over every little thing. This woman tried to give someone a written warning over watching a tutorial on YouTube for an assignment. Which the college assessment page itself linked to. Yeah.

I told my dad and he’s just ‘don’t get involved’ and ‘there’s probably other reasons’. No. I know these two bitches. This is what they think is a legit reason. This is the same state manager who tried to give a written warning for watching a college linked tutorial on YouTube and the same branch manager who told my friend basically that the college has a 100% tolerance policy on harassment. Our tutor wasn’t there so she couldn’t have him back her up so she had no choice but to literally escape from college before they could get her into a room.

I don’t know about you guys but this is horrendous bullshit, even by American standards (I live in Australia so usually this stuff doesn’t happen).

"B-but, can't Turbo fix you?" Matt asked, voice starting to crack as tears began to form in his eyes.

She scowled as she cried. “What Turbo?? He’s gone and he’s not coming back! He would have fixed me! But where is he?!”

The warm weather makes you yawn between noon and evening.

The warm weather makes you yawn between noon and evening.

Wreck it Ralph - King Candy / Turbo
Wreck it Ralph - King Candy / Turbo

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Matt stood there, shocked, still processing Idle's words. Then, he shook his head slowly, still unable to believe it. "No...n-no."

"Th..that’s why I’ve been so weird.. It’s influencing me now.. My anger over Turbo disappearing when I needed him most made me do what I did.. Because the cybug felt the anger and acted on it.." She sobbed. "By the end of the year I’ll be nothing but a mindless cybrid…"

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Matt pulled his lover into an embrace, reaching out behind the twin to push the door shut. He let out a shaky breath when both Iggie's hands caressed his hips, and his aching erection brushed against his thigh.

He groaned softly, arms wrapping around.

"I-I-Iggie~! S-slow down! I won't--ahh--l-last long if you keep this up! Ohhh~!" Mattie moaned into the twin's ear.

Her words had the opposite effect, only encouraging him more.

Matt quickly followed after them, keeping his distance as Iggie delt with Idle, but still close enough in case he had to pull one of them back for their safety. He listened as the two yelled, than froze when Idle mentioned in particular. "Idle, w-what do you mean?"

She looked away, Iggie refusing to let go of her. She glitched a little, particularly around her left eye.

"The cybug code really is viral… It’s eating my code and the doctors have given me until December…" She began to tear up. "Th-that’s why I was s-s-so upset over m͘y bąb̡y̶… That was m-my last chance…"

"I-Idle…" Iggie was in tears. He didn’t want to lose his sister.